Car Insurance For Young Drivers

This however is perceived the same in almost all the insurance companies. One has to find alternative means to help lower the cost of the car insurance. To help with this, new companies have been formed and better models introduced. This could be reliable but the fact is they are not as reliable as making simple considerations and following a few tips.

The first thing that should be considered is getting to a reputable driving school. Most of the high rates charged on the car insurance are as a result of training in unrecognized schools. This in turn leads to the development of doubts by the insurance company which subsequently results into high insurance rates. This is factor that can be avoided by learning driving from a reputable school. It helps gain confidence in the insurance company which subsequently leads to the getting of a considerable discount.

The type of car that one seeks car insurance for young drivers has a great impact on the rates to be charged. Certain car models such as the sports cars attract higher rates than the standard vehicles. This is usually because they are more susceptible to theft and damage due to their high speed. To get the best in this, it is imperative that one chooses a car that they can afford even when it comes to insurance covers. The good thing however is that certain car insurance products cover the theft susceptible vehicles. This has enabled many people to lower the cost of insurance due to the spreading of the risks.

With the young persons car insurance showing no signs of going down any time soon, it is imperative that one considers the installation of safety measures in their vehicles. Most of the insurance companies take this as a precaution which earns the owners great discounts when it comes to premiums. This is because the vehicle is more adaptable to the covered risks and the insurance company will spend less in meeting the damages.

The car insurance companies are not the same. They vary in their areas of concentration and rates they offer. Due to this reason, there is a great chance for one getting the best rates through the comparison of rates offered by different companies. Comparison helps one learn more of the lowest possible quotes that can be achieved. The internet and approaching the insurance brokers is a great method that one can use to rip the best in this service.

If you are young enough and still under the care of the parents, remaining on the parents policy can be of great help in getting cheap car insurance for young drivers. This is done by joining your parents cover as a secondary driver on their insurance policy. Most of the insurers offer lower rates for teenagers using their parents cover as secondary drivers.

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Question by Eraj: Please Find me good quote for car insurance for young drivers?
Car Insurance for Young Drivers Quotes

Best answer:

Answer by David
The only place you can get this is from an agent or company rep; get out your Yellow Pages and start calling, or use the web sites that offer quotes.

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How to get cheap car insurance for young drivers?Cheap car insurance for young drivers tips

Car accidents are the major cause of deaths in the United States, and the number of such accidents keeps on increasing every year. A large majority of these accidents involve young people, as they are known to have a propensity for driving recklessly. It is precisely for this reason, along with several others, that young drivers have a tough time getting insurance at cheap prices.

Rates for these drivers literally come at a premium, which in turn disappoints them badly. Having said that, it is very important for drivers to get insurance to protect themselves and their vehicles. Insurance is immensely useful, especially when your car is hit by an uninsured driver or damaged by inclement weather or fire. It is very possible to get cheap car insurance even as the competition among insurance companies continues to intensify.

The first thing young drivers must do is to educate themselves about car insurance itself. There are three kinds of car-related insurance – theft and fire, comprehensive and liability. Of the three, comprehensive is the most costly and is primarily used when financing a car. Those looking for a cheaper option can let it pass. Even a fire and theft policy, which is used in critical situations, is expensive although it is cheaper than comprehensive insurance. Therefore it is advisable to go for liability insurance under normal circumstances. Liability insurance, however, would cover the damage caused by you only.

Having a good credit rating is one of the best ways to lower insurance premium rates. Students, too, stand a chance of getting cheap car insurance by improving their grades. Those who get excellent grades may also be eligible for certain discounts. You also need to keep your driving record flawless in order to get cheap quotes. Make it a point not to get a speeding ticket or especially a DUI conviction. In this context, it might also be a good idea to enroll for advanced driving courses. Successful completion of such advanced courses would provide you with a platform to showcase your driving prowess and your commitment towards safe driving.

Another underrated method of obtaining cheap car insurance is to opt for older cars. While young drivers may not agree with this option, the fact is that the insurance premiums of brand new sports cars would be much higher than that of older cars. Parents can play a key role here by convincing their children not to be swayed by fancy cars and opt for older, but reliable models.

You can also browse the internet to seek car insurance quotes. There are an array of websites for this purpose. You can use such websites to improve your knowledge about the many different companies and their quotes. It is also important to ask plenty of questions and share your driving history when seeking quotes.

Cheap car insurance for young drivers tips :-

Being a young driver stinks! Even if you’re the best driver in the world, you’re going to find out that if you’re under the age of 25, you’re going to have to pay premium prices. You will find that there are some ways to save, if you want to save on your next policy. While it won’t work with some, you will find that it may apply to you.

Here are some things that you can try out, when you want to find the cheapest insurance as a young driver.

Get a student discount: Many larger insurance companies today have student discounts. There will be some criteria that you will have to follow, in order to take advantage, and what you will find out most of the time that you will have to get good grades, as well as maintain a certain GPA. While you won’t save a lot, you can save around 5-10%.

Get rid of options: If you have an older car, you will find that if you dump the deductible, as well as other parts of your insurance plan, this can lower your rate significantly. Now, before you do this, make sure that you know what you’re doing. It’s best to talk with an insurance agent to see what is best for you. If your car is worth less than ,000 – ,000, you will find that it would be silly to hold a ,000 deductible.

Ask about discounts: Every company out there is different, and you will find that you may want to ask to see what they can do for you. What I would recommend is that you chat with 3-5 companies to see what they can do for you. You will find that all companies are going to vary, when it comes to auto insurance rates.

While being a young driver can be frustrating, you’re going to find that you can find some good deals online, when you know how to search. Try out some of the tips above to see how much you can save.

You can find more car insurance for young drivers and information at Also finding cheap car insurance for young drivers You can find much more on insurance in my blog.

Question by chris_110885: where is the best place to get cheap car insurance for young drivers?

Best answer:

Answer by sethreber
American Family Insurance has the best rates that I have found. Try them.

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Cheap Car Insurance For Young Drivers Some tips presented in this text could be applied by young driver to get cheap car insurance. If the age of driver is below 25, the driver has more expensive auto insurance premium than the older one. The twenty one year old has cheaper premium than teenager. The followings are some trips to lessen the rates significantly. 1) The car you buy should have safety features: Anti-lock brakes, an alarm system, daytime running lights dan any other security and safety device. The insurance company will realize how protective your car is by these accessories and this car is considered to be saver by insurers. 2) Cheaper car insurance rates will be cheaper by getting straight As dan Bs 3) Lessen your travelling with the car, so that the risk to auto insurance provider is considered with lower risk. 4) Register your car into the insurance policy of your parents name by staying with them. To do this you just need to lessen your ego a little. 5) A factor that you must handle carefully is your credit history. Persons who like shopping will agree directly to logic behind this idea. The way to handle the bills may show many things how someone with money. It is considered more conscientious by an insurance company when you pay your bill promptly. 6) Because you are still young, just buy the small car because, the high price car or costly repaired car will have higher insurance rate than the small car. 7) Collect auto insurance quotes. By comparing the

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Find Cheap Car Insurance For Young Drivers

With the increased rate of car accidents caused by teenage drivers, insurance companies have raised young drivers’ premium rates quite consistently. Since statistics have proven that young drivers have a tendency to drive carelessly, speed way over limits and are prone to traffic incidents, insurance companies regard them as a consistent liability and bill them accordingly.
However, there are many ways of getting affordable auto coverage for teenagers. The main point is to prove the insurance company that you are a reliable person and, all in all, you don’t fit the above pattern. Follow a few simple rules and tips and you will find that the premium rate can be lowered to an acceptable level.
First, try to get good grades in school. Even though it might not seem relevant, this is one of the few ways a company can see what kind of a person you are.

A GPA above 3.00 can prove that you act well under pressure and are likely to do well in tight traffic situations.
Also, try to maintain a clean driving record. Always drive within the legal speed limit, only leave your car in parking lots and, after a while, you will be eligible for a no claims bonus and be offered a rebate in the monthly premium.
As much as possible, try to convince your parents to run as many insurance policies as possible with the same company. Insurers love returning customers and if one household owns several policies with them, the rates will be lower.
Last, but not least, no matter how tempting it might be, don’t get a sports vehicle as your first car. The premium rates for automobiles with powerful engines go through the roof, as the chance of being involved in an accident when driving a, say, V10 beast are quite high.

You should look for the cheap car insurance for young drivers Finding very cheap car insurance can help you save a lot of money.

Question by Dan Z: best place for cheap car insurance for young drivers?
im 19 make live in UK where is the best place to get cheap car insurance, any help appreciated
only uk answers please

Best answer:

Answer by David W.
From some of the questions and answers I’ve seen here, there is NO place for cheap insurance in the UK for anybody. Remember that no company wants to be competitive on young drivers, so you may just have to take what you can get. I wish I could be more optimistic, but that seems to be the case in the UK.

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Car Insurance for Young Drivers

The car insurance for young drivers can truly be denoted as one of the most expensive policies in the contemporary era. According to the statistical analysis, it has been excavated that the young drivers are much more prone towards accident compared to the veterans. As it has been a renowned fact that the art of driving requires at least a decade to learn properly, hence most of the teenagers who engross themselves in it just for mere fun, used to face a lot of adversities. However, the various car insurance policies are now taking firm initiatives in reducing the costs and expenditures of the young drivers escorted with the preservation of the insurance rates in an effective manner.

Although the rates are usually on the hike for all those drivers who are aged between 16 to 24 but at the same time there are various rudimentary methodologies in respect of diminishing the costs of the insurance policies.

The quintessence’s of the car insurance for young drivers are still indistinguishable for majority of the firms.  However, there also exist a few less noticeable facts that are playing a fundamental role in making some companies valuable than the others. Still, there lies countless methodologies to bring down the very cost of these insurance policies in a vivacious manner.

You might have been extremely perplexed while thinking about this evident question that why the costs of the insurance policies are different for each and every individual. One of the chief and pivotal aspects is the complex methodology of the insurance companies that they imply while calculating the risk factors of the different clients. Now, this risk factor usually depends on the various attributes of an individual.

The location of your home and the neighborhood can be cited as one of the most important aspects in this regard. Again, once you surpass 25 years of age, the insurance costs will automatically decrease in an effervescent manner. Although it might sound racially biased, but the fact is gender also plays a crucial role in this entire aspect of calculating the price accompanied with the marital status of a person. Your driving and credit histories will also contribute a lot in estimating the exact price of your policy. And last but not the least, the car insurance for young drivers also depends a lot on the very nature and type of the car itself.


There must be still a lot of questions arising in your mind at present regarding the car insurance for young drivers and the 17 year old car insurance. There is no need to worry, as you can mitigate all your queries on auto insurance for young drivers

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